Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct

At Freedom Culture, we are driven by the mission of seeing an end come to sex trafficking, in our lifetime.  We believe that advancement happens when we all choose to move towards positive change.  We believe that even when purchasing your accessories or fashion pieces, you can make a difference.  It’s great to donate, picket, or throw fundraisers, etc., but you’re still going to want to purchase a new t-shirt, a beautiful bracelet or a great hoodie.  Whatever your style need,  we believe that those purchases can make a difference too.  We have a global outlook and believe in a compassionate business model we call “Shop and Share”.   We are also dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, and stylish products for their lifestyle.  That drive and belief makes it imperative that we and our vendors adhere to a code of social responsibility that reflects these values.  Our products are not all made here in North America.  While, that would be nice, there is no escaping the global economy, and we wouldn’t want to.  We believe that change can be brought by building relationships with our vendors, and holding them to a code of social responsibility that elevates their business and improves the lives of the people that they employ.  We do not believe in running away from the system, but in changing it from the inside out.

*If you are interested in finding out why we chose to be a compassionate for profit company instead of a non profit you can find that answer in our FAQ’s.

No Forced labor
All workers must be employed of their own accord, and not by intimidation, They must also be free leave the company when they wish to end their employment and not forced to return.

No Child Labor
All workers must be of the legal working age or the age of 16, whichever is most protective of the workers.

Wages and Compensation
All workers are entitled to at least the minimum wage and must be compensated properly and in order with the laws of legally mandated benefits.

Working Conditions
All workers are entitled to safe and clean working conditions to prevent injury while working or in activities related.  Water and proper restroom facilities must be available.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Employers will recognize the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Overtime working hours
Workers must be paid properly for any overtime hours worked.  These hours must be accurately tracked.  Workers must not be forced, or intimidated into working beyond the legal limit of overtime hours.

Environmental Protection
The vendor must adhere to environmental guidelines and laws laid out by their government in relation to business and manufacturing processes.
Additional Laws – The vendor must adhere to all applicable laws pertaining to their business, manufacturing, pricing, sales and distribution of products.