How We Give
What is 10%?
It's just a number. On their own, numbers hold no intrinsic value. They can just be added up and taken away within a moment without any thought or concern.
But once a number is part of a story, everything changes. When a life is involved, we have a better way of understanding how a story changes things.
Especially if that story is about freedom and hope - and is a story we can all be a part of.
Ten Percent of the total sales of all Freedom Culture clothing goes to help fight human trafficking and exploitation. We support organizations and freedom fighters on the front lines in North America and around the world. 
  • We do this because it's who we are and how we want to be known. 
  • We do this because there are many unsung heroes out there in the world who are able to do what they do because of support from people like us
  • We do it because it's the right thing to do
  • We do it because we want to be part of writing a new story for thousands of lives all over the world

People like :

  • The A21 Campaign is working to end human trafficking through protection, prevention, partnerships and prosecution.  Our donations provide finances for rescuing those forced into the sex trade, education to prevent more people from being forced into slavery as well as finances to cover the legal fees to prosecute known traffickers.


  •  Transforming Hope is working to end human trafficking through education, prevention and restoration.  We assist them in purchasing back to school supplies for young girls that have been trafficked and are heading back to school.


  •  http://www.rescueher.org/  ">Rescue Her is providing a safe place for rescued, trafficked girls in Chennai, India.  Our donations help purchase beds, and bedding for the girls.

  • Unlikely Heroes is providing safe homes and restoration for child victims of sex trafficking.  Our donations were sent while they were assisting the mothers in Nigeria working to bring back their girls that had been stolen from their school overnight and forced to be slaves of a rebel army.
Do you have a cause that you would like us to know about?
Find out how you can use Freedom Culture to add your voice to the fight for a world free of human exploitation. 
A world that is full of hope and freedom is a world that we can all help build.