Where are your products made and printed?
Great question.  Some of our products are made and printed in Canada.  Other products are made and printed overseas.  We have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our manufacturers are socially compliant.  We have sought out manufacturers that are either WRAP or SA8000 certified, which means that they must comply with quarterly inspections to ensure proper working conditions, and that they are following environmental guidelines.  In some cases factories are too small to afford the inspections required for the certification and their clients are not in a position to pay for the inspections (like us…we’re still a small company).  The thing is they are good people who are working hard to build their company just like us.  We have a few vendors in this situation and the way that we chose them, was by meeting with them personally and also, having all of our vendors sign our Corporate Social Responsibility Agreement.   As Freedom Culture grows, we will continue to seek out vendors who are WRAP or SA8000 certified and will help factories that we have built a relationship with that can’t afford the inspection for the certification.  We also plan on visiting the factories personally as we grow.  Keep checking our blog for details as this will definitely be something that we write about and share with you.  It has been an incredible learning experience as we have been sourcing.   We now, have a much better understanding of the lives and the challenges that manufacturers and their workers face overseas.  We are glad to have met them and be working with them as we participate in raising the standard of working conditions and fairness for everyone.