• You Are SO Much More Than Your Thighs!
  • Cheryl Boyce
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You Are SO Much More Than Your Thighs!




A few weeks back through our instagram account I stumbled upon girls, who have accounts with pictures of themselves, self harming.  I was horrified.   I went on to read through the posts and comments of these girls and was overwhelmed by the level of self hatred and focus on what many of us would consider "minor" or "non issues" for reasons to be so unhappy.  Their internal pain is so deep that they are  wearing it externally on their arms or wherever else they are cutting.  

One recurring theme that I saw in the posts was the lament over their "thigh gaps".  Of course I've heard the term before and even wished I had less "thigh" and more "gap", if I'm honest, but somehow it seems to have become a huge focus for younger girls.  

I would love to blame the media and culture, but we've read that a million times.  Today, I just want to say we have to stop allowing our daughters to be reduced to such ridiculous standards.  We have to stop reinforcing crazy ideals about what is beautiful, what is important and what is desirable.

We are all way more important than the size of our thighs.  The more we focus on our thighs, our bra size, our booty size and disqualify ourselves, the less time we have to focus on living life and living it to the full.  

Do not let your "ideal" of how you should look hold you back from who you are.  The world needs you!  I'm preaching to myself here.  So if you woke up this morning and struggled with a pair of skinny jeans please know that your thigh gap does NOT equal your value.  You are a freaking miracle!  You are incredible!  You were born with a purpose and a destiny and no beauty standard is going to hold that back.

If you know someone who is struggling.  LOVE THEM.  People need to hear that they are worthy, that they are loved, and that they matter.  The world can be a pretty cruel place at times, and it can be hard to be a person sometimes...trust me, I know.  Never underestimate how much your friendship, encouragement and love can accomplish.  It's time to be free from these ridiculous standards and start really living.

All our Love,


Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team


P.S.  If you happen across accounts like the ones I mentioned you are able to report them and from what I understand instagram does offer a hotline for this issue.   

  • Cheryl Boyce
  • clothes with purposecuttingend human traffickingfreedominstagramself harmthigh gap

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