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Click on the image above to watch a short clip of some of these precious girls our donation has helped

We are proud and excited to say that because of your Freedom Culture purchases in July (at the mall, online, at Digital Dreams, World Pride and Catalyst Conference), we are sending Unlikely Heroes, a non profit that has been assisting the escaped girls of the mass kidnapping in Nigeria this past April, a donation of $1391.13.

I had the honour to be in contact with one of Unlikely Heroes' representatives and ask some questions about what they've been doing and how this donation will help the work that they have been doing.

Cheryl:  How did Unlikely Heroes come to be able to make an impact in the situation of the Chibok girls in Nigeria?
Unlikely Heroes: Because of the reputation that Unlikely Heroes has for providing excellent trauma therapy and wraparound care to victims of human trafficking and extraordinary trauma, Unlikely Heroes was invited to be part of the care for the rescued girls. We provided a licensed trauma therapist and kept media attention alive while impacting the community and giving the mothers a chance to be heard. 
Cheryl: What impact is Unlikely Heroes having?
Unlikely Heroes: Because of the trained therapy that the girls received, they went from feeling unsafe and severely traumatized, to having peace of mind, having appetites, sleeping better, and feeling comforted by the safety now provided to them.

Cheryl: What impacted you the most being there with the mothers and girls who escaped?
Unlikely Heroes:  
The extreme grief that the mothers whose daughters were still missing was devastating to witness. But the resolve of each of the rescued girls to keep raising their voices against what has happened while maintaining their faith in escape and rescue for their friends was beautiful to witness. These girls had been through so much and yet were still so strong in who they were. 
Read More Here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/06/10/we-want-them-to-run-inside-two-nigerian-schoolgirls-harrowing-escape-from-boko-haram/#

Cheryl: What can we do to continue to support these girls, both rescued and the girls that are still in captivity?
Unlikely Heroes: Becoming a part of the Unlikely Heroes family is one of the best ways to aid in the direct efforts of our team. Helping to keep what has happened alive in social media, talking to friends and family about it, and becoming a monthly donor will help to, as the girls said, "Keep Hope Alive!"

For Freedom,

Cheryl Boyce
Chief Freedomizer
  • Cheryl Boyce
  • #bringbackourgirls#careforourgirlschibok girlsclothes with purposeend human traffickingmakeadifferenceworldchange

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