• Cheryl Boyce

Back in January we announced that we'd be doing a hair extension tutorial.  Here it is finally.   I am super blessed to have Rebecca Godfrey, as not only our resident hair expert but also my sister.  She assisted me in learning how to make my own hair extensions.  If you have any questions, comment below and she'll be more than happy to assist.



Step 1:Purchase Extension Hair. I chose Indiremi Premium Virgin Hair.  You can purchase this at your local beauty supply store.

Step 2:  Dye  extension hair the same colour as your own hair to ensure a perfect match

Step 3:  Cut the extensions to fit your head.

Step 4:  Sew the clips to the hair with a matching thread.  Extension thread is recommended but we used regular thread and went over it a few times to ensure that it was tight.

Step 5:  Clip them into your hair and style.


If you live in the Toronto area or will be in the Toronto area you can book an appointment with Rebecca at Saloniere 2470A Yonge Street, Toronto, ON via phone 416.480.0020 or contact her through email at info@saloniere.ca

  • Cheryl Boyce

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