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Adventure...Every Freakin' Day!
Good Morning Everybody!  I hope you are having an amazing start to the week.   One of the core values in my personal life and built into the culture here at Freedom Culture is the love, and pursuit of adventure....not to be confused with drama.  I try to eliminate that at all cost.  I had enough of that during my teen years for 5 lifetimes.  Cue Mary J. singing "No More Drama" right about now.  
My intense fear of boredom (yes, I said fear of boredom) and my love of adventure has made for some serious drama in my life, but now I realize that there are so many other ways to recognize and pursue adventure in life.  It doesn't always have to entail packing your bag and escaping your day to day life in order to experience it, either.  Adventure can be had EVERY FREAKING DAY.  
Here are 3 ways to find adventure in every day life without having to cause drama.
1) Do that thing that scares you.  Whether you're scared because you think you are unqualified or it's silly or you might have to talk to someone who intimidates you...just do it anyway.  It's a sure way to get the blood pumping and get some good material to talk to your friends about or write about in your journal.
2)Love somebody better than you ever had.  If you're married surprise your spouse with.......(I'll leave that up to you) If it's your kid(s) surprise them with something out of the ordinary like an awesome note in their lunch, pick them up from school unexpectedly and go somewhere unexpected to hang with them.  Plan a dance party at home.  Call a friend and invite them somewhere you've been wanting to go or to do something you've been saying you wanted to do, but just keep putting it off.  
3)Make a new friend.  Isn't that the best feeling ever?  Remember when you'd come home from school like you were on cloud 9 after meeting a new friend?  How awesome would it be to experience that again? So smile at people, ask someone about themselves, connect on facebook to make sure they aren't a freak and then be their friend.  Who knows what adventures they'll take you on.
We'd love to hear what adventures you've been on lately.  Head over to our facebook page and comment on this post with your best adventure in the last couple weeks and we'll be picking one adventurer to win this DREAM print!  Go now! What are you waiting for?  You're an adventurer aren't you?!
For Freedom,
Cheryl & The Freedom Culture Team
  • Cheryl Boyce
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