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  • Cheryl Boyce
Compelled By Love

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!  

We love St. Patrick's Day because of the amazing lesson his life teaches us.  Did you know that St. Patrick was actually born in England and was stolen and taken as a slave to Ireland? After beeing freed and going back home to  England he felt compelled to return to Ireland & share the love that he had found in Christ.  He did just that and had a massive impact on the country that had enslaved him.  So much so, today his life is still celebrated in a huge way.  It leaves us to ponder what we can accomplish when motivated by radical love?  What can happen when you return love instead of hate  for a wrong doing?  Just how powerful is forgiveness?  Perhaps the greatest weapon of all truly is LOVE.  


For Freedom,


Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team

  • Cheryl Boyce

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