Born For Adventure

With the weekend upon us, the shining brightly (although still ridiculously cold outside) and the promise of Spring and Summer around the corner, we can't help but start dreaming about all the adventures the warmer weather will bring us.  Freedom Culture will be hitting the road hard this summer.  You'll be seeing us at music festivals, street festivals, conferences and anywhere else  we can spread the word about Freedom and great fashion too ;)  We aren't daunted at all the work ahead, because in the end it's all a big adventure and we were born for adventure.  I know you were too, otherwise you wouldn't be he

The thing about all great adventures is that you need the clothes to go with it.  Here are four tops that we know we'll be wearing a lot on cool mornings setting up our tents and tables. We'll be wearing them on cool evenings when the outdoor parties are winding down and we're the last ones to leave.  Inevitably we'll end up conversing with the die hards that don't want the night to end either and have a beautiful story to tell us about triumph or loss or somewhere in between that always ends up in a fist bump, a promise to connect online and a massive smile on all our faces as we realize once again, that Freedom Culture is so much more than clothing and all about the relationships that are built, the people we influence and that influence us and most of all making history in ending slavery once and for all. These shirts will be rolled up in backpacks and carry-ons on our flights to wherever the cause and adventure carries us.  

Get yours and make sure that wherever adventure takes you this year, you tag us with our official hashtag #fconme.  We love to see where adventure is taking you.



Shop the collection here - Shirts For Adventure 


For Freedom,


Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team

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