• Introducing The Freedom Culture BLOG! (wild cheers, and applause)
  • Cheryl Boyce
Introducing The Freedom Culture BLOG! (wild cheers, and applause)
Happy Monday Everyone!  With the new year in full swing, and a couple weeks under our belts to develop and go after our goals for 2014 we thought now was the perfect time to reintroduce our blog.  We've been blogging for a while now but,  it's been pretty sporadic and not as focused and content rich as we'd like.  We've finally defined exactly what we will be delivering with our blog and scheduled in the time to make it happen.  
The focus of our blog is to provide content about Freedom (of course), Fashion (of course) and Culture (of course).  For our culture category we'll be doing a lot of lifestyle blogs.  We have tons of ideas and can't wait to get started sharing with you.  
Our goals this year are

That being said we'll be doing a lot of blogging that falls into those categories as well, as they pertain to Freedom, Fashion, Culture and the Freedom Culture Lifestyle.

I hope you're excited, because we totally are.  This week, we'll be introducing you to our hair expert.  She's going to be giving us tips and tutorials on how to make sure that our mane's are styled and in good condition for 2014.  You're going to LOVE her! Guys, you won't be left out either. We'll be sure to provide content that relates to your life as well and have some great guest bloggers lined up.  
So, CHEERS to the new year and adding a whole new dimension to the Freedom Culture Community.  
Chat soon,
Today's Featured FC Piece:  Freedom Is The New Black Dolman (because Freedom NEVER Goes out of style)
Click on picture for details:
It's the perfect transitional piece from winter to sprint and looks awesome with our black beanie and infinity scarf.  10% is donated towards ending sex trafficking.  Join Us. LOVE WINS <3
  • Cheryl Boyce

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