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Five Tips For A Simpler Happier Christmas Day

Happy Holidays from FreedomCulture.com

I have to admit, I've been kind of stressed out this season, falling way behind on where I'd like to be with my preparations for Christmas day.  I keep reminding myself however, that perfection is an illusion and not to get caught up in the commercialism of it all.  But here's the thing....I love an extravagant table scape and I LOVE lots of Christmas decorations and I REALLY LOVE presents!!!!  I know it's not the point but when all that is in the  mix it makes for awesome memories and a beautiful day.  Which is what we want, right?  So here are 5 tips that I have picked up to help things not be so nutty on Christmas day.

  1.  Use Your Laundry Hampers - I don't know about you but with 4 kids and a Grandma in the house on Christmas morning it can get crazy keeping things organized while opening the presents.  This year, I am combating the mess with laundry hampers.  Open your gift place it in your basket & carry it to your room when you are done.  SIMPLE! (I hope)
  2. Use A Large Wrapped Box for Wrapping PaperAs much as I try to manage the wrapping paper etc. it always ends up everywhere and with dinner being held at my house in the afternoon for my extended family, the last thing I need is to be cleaning before they arrive.  This year will be different.  There will be a nice big box wrapped, so it looks pretty, but when we open our gifts that is where the paper will go or "Santa" doesn't hand out another gift.  I feel like this may be hard to police, but I'm going to try.
  3. Use Gift Boxes and Ribbon - I love wrapping paper just as much, if not more than the next guy BUT....it takes so long to wrap everything and then there's the mess, which I've already mentioned, as well as the whole "bad for the environment"  thing.  So, over the last few years I have collected gift boxes in various sizes.  It's awesome because I've been able to find them in the colour scheme that matches our decor and to store I just nest them.   I love beautiful wrapping but I don't feel like we're missing out because I still use tissue paper, and use ribbon bows (to be re-used next year).  The beauty is, less time wrapping equals more time with friends and family.
  4. Buffet Breakfast Christmas Morning - I tried this last year and it was AWESOME!!!  I really look forward to Christmas morning breakfast.  It's kind of the calm before the storm when the whole family arrives and the madness that is "us", ensues.  In previous years, I tried really hard to match my Christmas morning fantasies of a classy breakfast, with Michael Buble playing in the background ....and you know what? It never worked.  So, I let it go.  This is what I do now.  The day before I set up a pretty table scape on our sideboard table, near the Christmas tree.  We purchase already cut up fruit and dips.  I have our hot chocolate bar set up, the glasses for our mimosa's and our Christmas morning dishes.  (I bought festive dishes the other year at Kitchen Stuff Plus for practically free on Christmas eve.)  Christmas morning we put out yummy foods that can be eaten with our fingers and let the kids pick away as the morning goes along. One day they'll be grown and life will be calmer....maybe, but until then we're doing what works and this works!
  5. LET IT GOThis has been a tough one for me.  I've been known in my "less mature years" to throw a tantrum or two if the things planned aren't meeting my "vision".  This is ridiculous.  At the end of the day what's important is that we remember what all this is about in the first place.  LOVE!  Love doesn't need a perfect dinner or the right Christmas Carol at the right time.  Love is patience, kindness, forgiveness (I know some of us need to exercise that to get through the day) & oh ya, keeping no record of wrongs.    For our family, it is also about celebrating the ultimate gift, Jesus Christ.  The life of Jesus  teaches us to love extravagantly.  I am aware that we won't always have little people waking up with us on Christmas morning.  A time may come when we wake up to an empty home on Christmas morning.  So, I'm choosing to embrace this part of my journey, no matter how messy it is.  


Blessed is the Season


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    • Cheryl Boyce
    • Christmas TipsHappy HolidaysLive simpleLive simplyMerry ChristmasTips for Christmas

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    • Jan 17, 2014

      These are some really good ideas. Some I’ve already implemented on my own and some new ones to add. I seem to have a picture perfect breakfast in my mind and it never happens. I love your buffet idea. And gift boxes! Now that’s an excellent idea!

      — Mary Isabel

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