This Is Your Official Invitation!

Hey!  I hope you are having a great start to the week and Monday's been kind to you.  I'm not sure if you saw on our facebook page or not but we're opening a kiosk at the Oshawa Centre, for a month long pop up shop (and maybe even longer, depending on how it goes).  We are super excited about jumping off line and getting Freedom Culture in the mall.  It feels like the next step to take, in order to get the message out about human trafficking and providing solutions.
Our grand opening is this Saturday.  I would LOVE to see you there.  I know there's a very big chance that you live super far away, but I still wanted to invite you.  You are important to us.  Without you, there would be no us right?!  If you do live close, we're giving away 10 gift bags to the first 10 customers.  There will be a few draws, and I will be on hand to meet people, hear what they think about the cause, the freedomize movement and discuss how we can all make a difference.  This is your official invite. I'd love to see you!

For Freedom,
Cheryl Boyce
Chief Freedomizer 

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