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Thank You For Being So Awesome!

Thank You!

The team here at Freedom Culture wanted to thank everyone who purchased something, and helped spread the word about our movement and our goal to help the girls at Emma's home, (run by Transforming Hope Ministries) last week.  We didn't fully reach our goal, but plan to partner with Transforming Hope in the future.  We are amazed by the work that Abbi and her team are doing in North Carolina and are so proud that we have been able to help and raise awareness about what they are doing to help end sex trafficking.  We couldn't have done it without all of you, our amazing community of freedom fighters.
You can connect directly with Transforming Hope Ministries on their site as well as on their facebook page.  We encourage you to do so.  Let's keep the momentum going.
Make sure to stay connected to us as we continue to partner with amazing organizations and bring in new stock over the summer and fall.

Standing for Freedom,

Cheryl Boyce
Chief Freedomizer

Make a difference at www.freedomculture.com

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