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This Is It!

This is It!

Less than 12 hours left to grab something stylish and help 3 sex trafficking survivors significantly this week.

Earlier this week, Abbi sent me over a write up that explains the heart and the mission of Transforming Hope Ministries and the home they have for their precious girls.  I wanted to share it with you:

Transforming Hope was birthed on November 20, 2010 by our Founder/Director, Abbi Tenaglia (along with a group of mentors and close friends), with a desire to holistically transform the lives of adolescent victims of human trafficking by offering them hope for their futures and equipping them with the skills to significantly lower their vulnerability to being re-exploited.

This desire to help came to fruition on July 4, 2012 when Transforming Hope's first safe home, called Emma's Home, opened in central North Carolina. Emma's Home is a free, restorative, safe home for up to three female victims of human trafficking who are considered US citizens and are between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

The primary goals within the home are creating a safe, healthy environment and providing holistic, individualized care to each resident. These goals are accomplished by keeping the home's location undisclosed, providing trained staff to live in the home with the residents, offering opportunities to learn and develop life skills, building healthy relationships with staff and volunteers, weekly meetings with professional counselors and volunteer mentors, working with teaching staff to provide education through home-schooling, providing healthcare through local doctors and nurses, and encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities based on each girl's skill set and interests.

The most important part of the program at Emma's Home is that girls are there because they choose to be there. They have made the decision to seek help for the trauma and pain they have experienced for much of their life so far. Because of this fact, residents are a very large part of creating a holistic plan for themselves during the 12-18 months that they stay in Emma's Home.

The money for this particular fundraiser will go to provide education for up to three girls living in Emma’s Home who have been identified as trafficking victims. Through our education program girls who have been a year or more behind coming into the home have been able to catch up and even surpass their original graduation date. Our girls now have motivation and goals to attend college, run their own businesses and other fun things. One girl said “I feel like I have a future now. I feel like I can finally do what I want with my life.” That is why we exist! To offer HOPE for the futures of precious children rescued from a life of slavery. Thank you for helping us act out this mission in a very real, impactful way!

If you've been meaning to add a Freedom Culture piece to your wardrobe and you want to make a real difference in the fight to end sex trafficking, don't let this pass you by. We are donating double our normal donations per sale to Transforming Hope until midnight

Shop Here and become apart of the Freedom Culture Movement. If you have already bought a tee, tank or something stylish we thank you! Make sure to tag us in your pictures. We wanna see how you rock the Freedom Culture style

Happy Friday!

Cheryl Boyce
Chief Freedomizer

Make a difference at www.freedomculture.com

You can also help to reach our goal by sharing this annoucement with your friends on social media.  We're pretty sure they don't want to be left out :)
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