• This Week You and I Can Make A Big Difference in the Lives of 3 Sex Trafficking Survivors
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This Week You and I Can Make A Big Difference in the Lives of 3 Sex Trafficking Survivors

We're making a difference in Raleigh, NC

You and I can help 3 sex trafficking survivors significantly this week.

A couple of months ago when I was in Raleigh, North Carolina I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a modern day hero.  Her name is Abbi, and she runs Transforming Hope Ministries, which is a home for sex trafficking victims between the ages of 12-17.  She'll be guest blogging for us in the next couple days so you can meet her too.
I was so impressed by her courage to not just be appalled by human trafficking but to do something about it.
Transforming Hope is in need of our help to assist them in covering the schooling costs of their 3 precious girls for 6 months. So far their educational program has assisted one of the girls to fully catch up to where she should be and one of their girls may even graduate early.  How AMAZING is that?!
Freedom Culture has committed to doubling our donations to 20% from each sale starting this Friday, June 14-June 21st in order to help them reach their goal of $1250.  This will cover field trip money and school supplies.  They are also hoping to be able to purchase a microscope to assist them in some of their science projects.
From the streets to science projects.  From exploitation to empowerment.  COME ON! This is something we can definitely get behind and make a difference in a tangible way.
Grab your stylish tee to help make a difference in the rebuilding and furthering of their future.  Get a tee that not only looks good, feels good but does a ton of good in the process.
Join us this week as we make an impact right here in North America.  LOVE WINS!

Cheryl Boyce
Chief Freedomizer

Make a difference at www.freedomculture.com

You can also help to reach our goal by sharing this annoucement with your friends on social media.  We're pretty sure they don't want to be left out :)
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