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LOVE WINS this Valentine's Day

Hello Freedomizers,

We just wanted to let you know that we will soon be releasing a new design for the ladies of Freedom Culture.  We heard you loud and clear on our facebook page when we presented you with the print and thought there was no better time to release it.

We feel the message of this print is exactly what the doctor ordered for all of us.  With all the bad news daily downloaded to us, and uncertainty in the world it can cause us to get pretty uptight, concerned and even fearful of what the future holds.  Those kind of feelings can make society feel a little CRAY-ZAY!  Have you witnessed any of that lately?!  We mustn't ever forget that love wins.  We can't live our lives under that kind of oppression.  We have seen in the past that love has been the greatest weapon in creating change in the world and that still holds true.  So this February, relax a little, spread some love to the one's around you AND to yourself.  This top will be the perfect way to do that.  It states the message, loud and clear.....LOVE WINS!

RELEASE DATE:  TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!  We will be sending out our newsletter first to let you know when it is available and then posting later for everyone else.  To be the first to know make sure you head over here and get connected now to our newsletter so you don't miss out.

Standing For Freedom,


Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team

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