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Hugging A Cactus

I came across an extraordinary video this week in my Facebook newsfeed.  In fact, after watching it, I couldn't believe it hadn't gone viral.  It was Robert Downey Jr. at an awards show taking his time on stage to ask forgiveness for Mel Gibson's trespasses.  He explained how Mel Gibson had supported him & been there for him when he needed it most.   He shared how Mel had told him to take accountability and look at the part of himself that shamed him the most.  Mr. Gibson, apparently referred to it as "hugging the cactus".  The advice seems hypocritical in retrospect.  I assume as did Robert Downey Jr.  that Mel didn't realize how important it would be for him to take his own advice and "hug his cactus", FAST!
It made me think, how often we individually hear a good piece of advice or give a piece of good advice and only see it's application for the other person?  How often are we able to point out the "cactus" in others but we can't or won't address the cactus in our own life.
If, we are a serious movement (and we are) to end sex trafficking in our lifetime we are going to have to look further and deeper than the solutions we can see for other families, for foreign cultures and foreign people groups.  We have to be brave enough to look and see how we may be contributing to a culture that sustains and supplies the sex trafficking industry.
Thinking that I may somehow be a part of the problem deeply offends me, but I also know that I can't be naive.  To not look at the culture in my family, my immediate community, the things I support, the language I use etc, but demand it of others  would be egotistical.  Their is no room for that now.   When two children are being sold every minute into slavery, the time for egos is over.
What do you think?  Do you believe that there are issues closer to home, things we shouldn't say, places we shouldn't go, things we shouldn't support?  I for one am a pop culture junkie, so looking at that in my own life, may be a bit "prickly". We need to hear from you.  Throughout this year, from time to time we will address any of the things that the people of the Freedom Culture movement bring up.  Please comment and share so we can get this discussion going as broadly as possible.
This week I am going to spend time hugging my own cactus...ouch!  I hope that you will join me.  That way as we move forward to change the world we can do so with as little hypocrisy and self doubt as possible.

Robert Downey Jr asks forgiveness for Mel Gibson

Watch the Video

Standing For Freedom,

Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team

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