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Announcing New Shipping Rates

December has shaped up to be a big month for Freedom Culture on so many fronts.  One of the biggest ones that we want to share with you, are our new shipping rates.  Thanks to an email from a potential customer and supporter of the Freedomize movement from Australia, we decided to research yet again our shipping rates.  We were ecstatic to find that we can now offer the low shipping rate of $2.99 to anywhere in the USA.  We are also able to offer the shipping rate of $7.50 worldwide.  It doesn't stop there, we have also lowered our minimum purchase of $150 to $99.00 in order to be eligible for FREE Shipping.  How sweet is that?  Thanks to that email from an inquiring Aussie, Freedom Culture just became even more accessible.  That's a GOOD thing.  Happy Shopping and Shipping everyone.

The Freedom Culture Team

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