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4 Easy Steps to an AWESOME Thanksgiving, Freedom Culture Style!

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The American Thanksgiving holiday is almost upon us.  Although I am Canadian (with an American mother), American Thanksgiving always gets me so pumped.  I LOVE the way Americans celebrate.  Especially, with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We've decided that seeing the parade in person is definitely on our family's bucket list.  Of course, the centrepiece of the holiday remains and always should remain, that it puts the "pause" button on us so we take the time to consider and reflect all that we have to be thankful for.

I did a little research on twitter today to see what everyone is #thankful for and something struck me.  So many of us have had trials, challenges and obstacles this past year, but an overwhelming number of us, now looking back are actually thankful because of the strength, endurance and reward hard work has accomplished through it.  Many of us at this time, realize that we wouldn't be where we are had it not been for the amazing people in our lives who stood with us when things seemed hard, or when our goals seemed too far off.  It made me think that so often,  in the middle of a trial or as we're working on something that seems impossible, we sometimes forget all we've already been through and accomplished.  If we keep pushing, we inevitably end up around the Thanksgiving meal reflecting and being thankful for all that it taught us and how it made us stronger.

As the holiday season kicks in to high gear don't let the pressures, & stresses that can come along with it, get you down.   Keep reminding yourself of all that you've been through and how next year you'll be looking back on this season and being thankful on how far you've come.

Here's a list of things I saw on twitter, that some of our fellow tweeters are thankful for.  They helped to shape the 4 Easy Steps I put together for us all to ensure we have a meaningful Thanksgiving, Freedom Culture Style.

1) #Thankful for breakfast with my mom - Be sure to schedule in time with those you love.  Be purposeful about it.  For this tweeter a simple breakfast with her mom made all the difference.  I'm going to plan some quality time with the little people in our house.

2) #Thankful for family making it home for the holidays - Reconnect with those you may have lost touch with because busy-ness got in the way.

3) #Thankful for Coupons! - Come on! We all know that we're looking forward to scoring something stylish for either someone on our list or for ourself.   We recommend to AVOID the craziness in the malls and shop online at Freedom Culture, for gifts that give twice!  Every sale on www.freedomculture.com means a minimum 10% donation is sent to The A21 Campaign working to see an end come to sex trafficking. (By the way, they've seen 7 convicted traffickers in 7 days through their efforts....AMAZING!)

4)#Thankful for our community of abolitionists  - Be sure to get connected and sign up for our newsletter on our site at www.freedomculture.com.  We will be sending out a newsletter daily called "The 12 Days of Christmas, Freedom Culture Style" starting Dec.1st with fun ideas, time management reminders, and organization suggestios so that all our "Freedomizers' have a memorable Christmas!  You don't want to miss this!


P.S. Black Friday Specials to be announced shortly.



Happy Thanksgiving,

Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team




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