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I Won The Lottery

I Won The Lottery!

33 years ago,  I won the lottery. No, it wasn't the kind of lottery where you buy a ticket and you get a crazy amount of cash....it was way bigger than that.  I was born in Canada, the true north strong and free.  I didn't do anything to earn it, it's just the way things worked out and with it came massive blessing and massive responsibility. Last night, I watched a screening of a film called "The Road".  I sat horrified, as I saw four friends who left the safety of their home and country to venture out and document the genocide of the Karen people in Burma.  I had never heard of this conflict.....have you?  They risked their lives, to go into the most dangerous places of the longest running civil war in history and capture the stories of those whose lives have been ripped apart.  I couldn't and still can not comprehend how the human spirit endures living through that kind of reality day in and day out.  The truth is my worst day doesn't even come close to what they continue to endure.  I have had some pretty rough days and I don't diminish them.  When I was 19, my first baby passed away due to complications from a heart surgery he needed, because he was born with a syndrome called hypoplastic left heart.  It was and remains the worst day of my life, but still doesn't compare to their suffering and here is why.  I have the knowledge that he was given the best care possible at a world renown hospital, (which I didn't have to pay for).  I had my family with me for love and support.  I had transportation to and from the hospital, food to eat and shelter.  The Karen struggle to have access to any of these.  The saying "to whom much is given, much is required" has so much more meaning to me today than it did yesterday.  Starting a movement, creating a business, stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it pales in comparison to the suffering of others.  I am a westerner. If I risk and lose, their will be help.  I am beyond fortunate. With that kind of backing how can I not take risks for the voiceless and the suffering, whether here or abroad?  The Karen people were looking to the film makers to spread the word in America and get help. Why did they believe that America could help?  I believe it is because they know that Americans have a voice and they have been voiceless.  They needed someone to stand up for them and be heard on their behalf.  If those with a voice won't do it, then who will?
At the end of the film, one of the four film makers David Shulz, was skyped in for a Q&A period.  The question was asked, "With so many problems in the world, how do you not get overwhelmed?"  I loved his answer.  He said "You can't do everything, but you have to do something."    You can't fix everything but you can be a voice, for something.   Sex Trafficking is a massive issue to undertake and does seem overwhelming, and perhaps you are like me and not in a position to go out and rescue those enslaved, but we can make a difference by getting the funding into the hands of those that are. We can make a difference by wearing Freedom Culture clothing and accessories and starting the conversation with those around us about what it represents.
If you are reading this from a free country, one that values freedom and allows your voice to be heard, then speak up and step out.  We really don't have anything to lose, and so much to achieve.  If you are not reading this newsletter from a free country or one that is struggling with freedom, know that we are standing with you.  You are not alone. I know that the fact that you chose to provide us with your name to receive this letter means that you have a passion for freedom and justice.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being apart of the Freedomize Movement.  You are amazing!  I believe that together we can be a voice and we can make a difference.   Be encouraged!
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Standing for Freedom,


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