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Free T- Shirt Give Away & Our Roadtrip to NYC


We're Giving Away A T-Shirt

We are issuing our first "Like" Challenge.  Please Share our page and as soon as we reach 500 likes on facebook, we will be selecting a "liker" to send a free t-shirt to.  We received feedback yesterday from one of our Freedomizer's, that when she was standing in line at a coffee shop, someone in line asked about her Freedom Culture ring.  That gave her the opportunity to not only spread the word about Freedom Culture, but the purpose behind it.  I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when I heard.  That's been the goal the whole time.  We aren't simply about selling stylish products, we have a much bigger purpose behind what we're selling. I believe with my whole heart that as others learn about sex trafficking they will be motivated to stand for Freedom too.

Freedom Culture's First Road Trip

This past Tuesday evening, we headed out on a road trip to New York City.  The road trip was initially to attend a conference but we decided why not take the movement to the streets and spread the word.  I have to thank my lovely sisters (two of which are in the photo above and whom you will be getting to know in our "Style and Size" videos) and our new friend seen in this photo as well. Once she heard about the Freedomize Movement,  she not only encouraged us but offered to represent and spread the word in her home state of North Carolina.  Sex Trafficking is a global issue, and needs a global response.  We are asking all Freedomizers that whenever you are wearing your tshirt in an interesting or far off place, take a picture and email it to us at talktome@freedomculture.com, with the subject line "Standing for Freedom" .  It may just end up on the site.   We want to see where you took a stand for Freedom.
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