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Trafficking In Canada

Freedom Culture is about so much more than stylish products.  We are endeavoring to build a community of modern day abolitionists. It is our dream to be apart of creating a community of people who believe in Freedom and stand for it in everything they do, everywhere they go.  The whole idea of trafficking used to make me think of foreign countries.  The truth is, it is closer than you think.  In my research I recently came across a Canadian non-profit, called Hope For The Sold.  They have produced an amazing documentary called "Enslaved and Exploited: The Story of Sex Trafficking In Canada". I watched it a little while ago and was not only horrified, but inspired even more to help end this awful reality.  I was also amazed by the incredible people who are out there fighting sex trafficking so passionately.
This isn't a quick watch, but it is well worth it (especially for our Canadian Freedomizers).  I have included the link for you here :


When you have finished watching please click here https://www.facebook.com/Freedomculture and let us know what you thought.


We are currently working on a download-able action package, full of ideas and easy actionable steps we can take to help end sex trafficking.  We will be offering it to all of our Freedomizers who have signed up for our newsletter.  For those of you who would like to receive it once it is ready, send us a message on our facebookpage or email us and we will be sure to include you.

Standing for Freedom,


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