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Rings and Limited Edition T's

Freedom Culture Update

Hey Freedomizers!  We hope you are having a great week.  I wanted to thank you for all the love you gave us on facebook yesterday, after we posted a picture of our handmade rings from India.  We also received our limited edition t-shirts, designed by yours truly this week.  I love them because they were designed and made in Canada, are super soft and a little sexy too.
If you are interested in getting one of these limited t's send us an email at talktome@freedomculture.com and I'll make sure we email you in advance on the day of their release, so you're ready to go.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

Freedomize Update
It's been a big week in the fight to end slavery.  Some of you may have heard that the Ugandan government captured one of the LRA's top commanders who is notorious for enslaving young girls as sex slaves and young boys as soldiers.  Much of this can be attributed to the international outcry fuelled by an organization that mobilized people through social media to demand that the LRA is stopped.  This just proves that together, we can make a difference in the lives of people who seem worlds away and at home.  Don't ever think that your voice doesn't count.  If you have any friends that you think would like to join our community of Freedomizers, click the "forward to a friend" link  at the bottom of this newsletter or share on facebook.  It's the quickest way to get the word out.  We're hoping that as the momentum builds we can create a movement of people who stand up and create a culture of Freedom.  We need the statistics to change and that can only happen if we become aware of the issue, and then do something about it. Together we are going to make history. I can feel it!
Next week, I'll be sharing my own personal story of why trafficking is so personal to me.

Have a great rest of the week,

Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team

Things to look out for in the coming weeks:

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Cheryl and The Freedom Culture Team

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